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Glow-Tec® Guinness Book World Record

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InovisCoat sets a Guinness World Record on the LED professional symposium, Bregenz InovisCoat GmbH established with Glow-Tec® a Guinness World Record on the 6th LED professional symposium + expo in Bregenz (Austria). The official Guinness judges Ms. Seyda Subasi-Gemici has confirmed the 11,0725 m² EL lamp produced by InovisCoat as the world largest self-illuminating area. […]

Tintype for film cameras

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Tintype is a photographic process designed in the second half of the 19th century. It was popular till the 1930s. Typically an iron tin was used as a substrate for photo reactive substances. The tintype was coated with an iodine containing collodion and thereafter sensitized in a silver bath. After the sensitizing step the tin, […]

Transparent conductive films

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InovisCaot GmbH develops tailored products for its customers using the multi-layer coating technology. Flexible substrates – usually polyester films – are coated with functional layers over the whole area in a roll-to-roll process. Up to 9 different layers can be coated onto the substrate simultaneously. Transparent conductive films made by InovisCoat are one example. They […]

Advanced Glow-Tec® EL-foils

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In 2014, the first tests on Glow-Tec® were completed. Small scale and weak luminous EL-films were produced on a laboratory scale. Since then, nearly two years have passed and the Glow-Tec® systems have reached the marketability. Behind this achievement stands an exceptional work based on expertise and enthusiasm. The Glow-Tec® technology is an electroluminescent system, […]