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Glow-Tec® Guinness Book World Record

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InovisCoat sets a Guinness World Record on the LED professional symposium, Bregenz InovisCoat GmbH established with Glow-Tec® a Guinness World Record on the 6th LED professional symposium + expo in Bregenz (Austria). The official Guinness judges Ms. Seyda Subasi-Gemici has confirmed the 11,0725 m² EL lamp produced by InovisCoat as the world largest self-illuminating area. […]

Tintype for film cameras

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Tintype is a photographic process designed in the second half of the 19th century. It was popular till the 1930s. Typically an iron tin was used as a substrate for photo reactive substances. The tintype was coated with an iodine containing collodion and thereafter sensitized in a silver bath. After the sensitizing step the tin, […]

Transparent conductive films

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InovisCaot GmbH develops tailored products for its customers using the multi-layer coating technology. Flexible substrates – usually polyester films – are coated with functional layers over the whole area in a roll-to-roll process. Up to 9 different layers can be coated onto the substrate simultaneously. Transparent conductive films made by InovisCoat are one example. They […]

Advanced Glow-Tec® EL-foils

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In 2014, the first tests on Glow-Tec® were completed. Small scale and weak luminous EL-films were produced on a laboratory scale. Since then, nearly two years have passed and the Glow-Tec® systems have reached the marketability. Behind this achievement stands an exceptional work based on expertise and enthusiasm. The Glow-Tec® technology is an electroluminescent system, […] Electroluminescence | New Homepage

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InovisCoat has developed Glow-Tec®, a new product – technology. Glow-Tec® stands for active light on flexible substrates and is based on electroluminescence. For the first time the unique manufacturing process enables large area applications. To give you more information about it, we started the Glow-Tec related new website The website provides an overview of […]