About us

InovisCoat stands for developments in high-tech functional multilayer coatings.  That is one of the reasons why we do things differently.

Our greatest asset is our staff and not the machines they are using. Our staff members distinguish themselves through zeal, flexibility and determination.

InovisCoat is a value-oriented company built on long-term partnerships. Our business is therefore based on trust, fairness, performance and reliability.

We achieve our ideas and visions without harming our environment, as we use our water and energy resources only cautiously and sparingly. Moreover our production is continuously checked against environmental compatibility and we do, of course compoly with emission limits.
InovisCoat places great value on the safety and satisfaction of all employees.

The ability to apply up to nine different functional layers simultaneously (multilayer coating), with extremely high precision and without the layers mixing demonstrates the exceptionally high level of achievement that InovisCoat can replicate in many different areas. We would like to invite you now to learn more about InovisCoat. Please do let us know if we can be of any help.