Our R&D projects

For any company in the high-tech coating industry, research and development of new products and processes is essential to be successful. Therefore this also plays a key role for us at InovisCoat. Let us show you a selection of our latest R&D projects.


Formulation – water based systems

Today it has become very clear that our economic decisions always influence future developments, not only regarding us personally but especially regarding nature and the environment. Therefore it’s a great concern of ours to ensure a sustainable production. For the coating industry in particular, it is important to re-define prevalent process standards and to replace the organic solvent based synthesis of coating solutions by water based systems. We at InovisCoat are always looking for alternatives for chemical formulation of dispersions, emulsions and additives to ensure an environmentally friendly and non-hazardous production process.


Electroluminescence – Glow-Tec®

glow-tec leuchtfolie

To produce large-scale, actively luminescent systems on flexible substrates cost effectively and environmentally friendly through multilayer coating – this is the ultimate goal of our Glow-Tec project. The first pilot productions on PET foil and textile in 100m² scale have already been completed successfully. Target markets are consumer goods like electroluminescent wall papers as well as automotive and architecture/design.



Security systems

The ever accelerating technical and electronic progress poses a challenge for many areas but particularly for security systems. Always to be one step ahead – this is the lofty aim when combating counterfeits and attacks on sensitive data. Our broad experience in the field of highly specific coatings enables InovisCoat to support its partners in the development of new passports and security documents.



Even after the dramatic reduction in demand of analog systems in the era of digital photography there is still a great fan community who loves the unique charm of more dated photographic techniques. The renaissance of various, century old methods together with new developments using the possibilities of the latest coating technology brings completely new experiences for photographers. Together with its partners InovisCoat develops new photographic papers and films for black and white and colour photography.

BW-Digital is the latest development in black and white photographic papers. It stands for highly brilliant pictures with an exceptional maximum density.

We also have developed something for enthusiasts and the ones who want their shots to be unique: tin-type and special colour-negative films, which turn the known world of colour photography upside down. Each shot will be a surprise!


Organic electronics

Organic electronics encompasses a broad range of research. In principle any electronic application based on organic electrical components can be classed as organic electronics. Examples are organic photovoltaics and OLEDs.

On one hand InovisCoat focuses on the development and optimization of organic conductible layers to make them accessible for the multilayer coating technology and thereby for the use with flexible substrates. Here conductivity, transparence and flexibility are important characteristics.
On the other hand InovisCoat is involved in the development of a water based OLED technology in a research joint venture. Also, new insights in the production of antistatic foils shall be drawn from these projects, which always inevitably accompany many production processes.


Medical engineering

Currently we have two research projects in progress. One is the development of an active surgical hose. Via active steering of the degree of compression the prevention and therapy of thrombose ought to be improved considerably. In the second project we are attempting to revolutionise the treatment of amyosthenia and the replacement of destroyed muscles respectively: Our task is to develop an artificial muscle which shall enable patients to move their limbs freely once again simply via implantation.