Let us paint you a picture!

As a spin-off from AGFA, InovisCoat does, of course, possess a wide range of experience in photography. Thanks to the innovative power and profound knowledge of our employees, we boast dozens of patents and many other developments in countless different fields. Essentially we can supply almost everything to do with coatings, including:

  • black and white papers on baryta paper substrates for fine art contact papers and multi-gradation papers
  • black and white papers on PE paper substrates for multi-gradation papers
  • colour-negative paper on PE paper substrates which are KODAK RA-4 or Agfa AP94 process-compatible
  • Instant colour material for »the impossible project«

Other special photographic products, including colouring diffusion, silver salt diffusion, receptor materials, infrared recording material and colour-negative film material are also available.